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4th Grade Supply List 2016-17

Fourth Grade Supply List – Aimee Morelock, Martha Mowell, Laura Tipton



2 packs of yellow pencils

1 pack of colored pencils

1 pack of graph paper

2 packs of pencil top erasers

2 packs of wide lined notebook paper

1 pack of markers - boys

1 bottle of liquid glue - girls

5 composition/journal books (100 page non-spiral)

1 pack of highlighters - boys

1 pack of dry erase markers - girls

1 2-inch;  3 ring binder (no zippers; just a plain binder)

1 3-inch; 3 ring binder (no zippers; just a plain binder)

1 pack of plastic 8 tab dividers with pockets

1 pack of sheet protectors


Wish List

Post it notes

Red pens

Clorox wipes

Colored paper

Card stock – any color

Colored paper – any; assorted