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Shanks-K Supply List 2017-18

Ms. Shanks’ Kindergarten Supply List***


1 bag mechanical pencils with erasers (any kind is fine) regular size not minis Not refillable – We throw them away when all the lead is gone.

1 Zipper pouch* Be sure regular sized pencils will fit easily in and out. Our twistable crayons are very long and the small cutesy zipper pouches will not hold them. The cheap plastic pouches will not last all year – fair warning. The ones with extra pockets are great for scissors and glue sticks to stay separate. This is not a necessity but most everyone had them last year and they were WONDERFUL! I just believe in ease!

    3- 1” (one inch) 3 ring binders with inside pockets (Any color or design is fine). *Please label on the inside. I will label the spines.

Back pack for daily use* (NO wheels)

2 vinyl folders with brads (fasteners) any color is fine*

1 “marble” covered notebook (They have a hard cover). Do NOT label.

10 (or more) glue sticks (Elmer’s changes the number of glue sticks in a pack and they always have a good deal on them when school begins. Do NOT label).

1 bottle of liquid glue (Do NOT label)

A complete change of clothes (undies, socks, outfit) in a gallon Ziploc bag.*

A small plastic cup or water bottle to stay in locker for water.*


Please label *items with your child’s name. Remember only 1 upper case letter please. This saves me so much time and confusion when supplies arrive!

***DO NOT buy scissors or crayons. I provide them. I do not need liquid soap at this time. I will need 4 large bottles of waterless soap. This will be on my wish list. That should last all year.  


Parent Supply list

Black Sharpie (for labeling)

A box of envelopes (for sending lunch money, notes, etc)


I will post a “Wish List” on my board for other needed items.