printable family and school compact

Mount Carmel Elementary Compact Between Home and School

The Mission of MCES in partnership with all stakeholders is to provide educational opportunities for academic, social, physical, and emotional growth of all students.

TEACHER:     I support and believe in the mission of MCES.  In order to allow each child to achieve his/her educational best, I agree to:

  • provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables students to meet or exceed the State's student academic standards

  • participate in Staff Development at the school level and district level

  • use research based instructional practices

  • understand that all children do not learn in the same ways, therefore I will continually work on my teaching strategies so that I can successfully differentiate for all children in innovative ways

  • provide parents opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child's class and to observe classroom activities as well as through the Family Engagement Team at our school level. Parents will follow the procedures outlined in the student handbook and those developed by the school.

  • communicate regularly with parents about the progress of the student

  • provide one progress report per grading period to parents. Additionally, provide a 4.5 week progress report for those students in intervention

  • keep school and class websites updated on a regular basis

  • provide information to parents on how to contact me during school hours through phone or email

  • conduct parent-teacher conference according to the system calendar and when deemed necessary by the teacher or requested by the parent

  • explain my approach to teaching, expectations and grading system to students and their families

  • make sure students understand the assignment and what they'll learn from it, and grade it promptly and provide feedback to students and parents

  • provide assistance to all students as quickly as possible

  • provide parents with additional help if they need assistance in helping their child with homework

  • explain how the AIMs test is given, scored, and used to determine students' academic placements and needs

PARENT:     I understand that my child is more likely to succeed if I am an active partner in his/her education.  

Therefore, I agree to:

  • create a partnership with teachers and school staff to benefit the academic success of my child

  • communicate regularly with teachers if my child is having difficulty with learning or has had a change at home that may affect his/her learning at school (divorce, illness, death of loved one)

  • see that my child attends school regularly, arrives promptly and is ready to learn daily

  • be aware of school rules and encourage my child to follow those rules

  • establish a time for homework and review it regularly

  • stay aware of what my child is learning

  • volunteer at school or perform tasks at home to support classroom instruction and/or teacher requests

STUDENT:     I understand that my success depends on my efforts.  I agree to:

  • come to school ready to learn; with pencil, paper, books and other tools necessary for success

  • write down assignments, do my homework every day, and turn it in when it's due

  • let the teacher know if I need help

  • follow school rules so that I do not disrupt my learning or the learning of others

  • do my best on my work and participate in classroom activities

  • communicate with my teacher about problems that may affect my learning or class work

  • use my time at home wisely to include reading on my own, practicing skills that we are covering in class, and limiting TV and computer time


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